Tim Dahlberg

It's on: Mayweather says he and Pacquiao to fight May 2

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will meet Manny Pacquiao on May 2 in a welterweight showdown that will be boxing's richest fight ever. Read more

Bookies living it up in Las Vegas thanks to football season

LAS VEGAS | Jimmy Vaccaro thought he would offer bettors a little fun - and a long-shot chance at some real cash - when he put up a proposition this week at 25-1 odds on the Jacksonville Jaguars going winless this season. Read more

Judge rules against NCAA in O'Bannon case

A federal judge has ruled that the NCAA can't stop college football and basketball players from selling the rights to their names and likenesses, opening the way to athletes getting payouts once their college careers are over. Read more

New study tries to answer old boxing questions

LAS VEGAS — The question has puzzled doctors since the days Joe Louis ruled the heavyweight division and boxing rivaled baseball as the... Read more

Peyton overshadows Super Bowl in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS - The zip lines are a huge hit, and Madonna seems to excite everyone. Hosting the Super Bowl has given local politicians a chance to puff out their chests, show off their beautiful new stadium, and declare this is a big city after all. Read more


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