Pets available this week at Athens-Clarke Animal Control

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Benji is a 6-month-old who is house trained, will sit or lie down when you ask him, likes to play fetch and loves kids and other dogs.

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Trina loves to give people kisses and has a bright personality.

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Scarlet is 7 months old and is great with kids and dogs. Scarlet is also outgoing, playful and affectionate.

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Mocha is sassy and svelte girl who loves everyone.

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Hershey is a social girl who likes kids and dogs. When you tell her that she is a good girl, she looks up and smiles. 
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Romeo is polite, attentive and always happy. He is house-trained and good with kids and dogs.

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Roscoe minds his own business until it is playtime. He likes to play with dogs and loves people and kids, but doesn't play nice with cats.

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Shreck loves Fiona (next photo). They share a run and are calm and polite.

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Shreck (previous photo) loves Fiona. They share a run and are calm and polite.

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Maple loves belly rubs and adores her friend, Pop Tart (next picture). Maple and Pop Tart play nicely together.

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Pop Tart

Pop Tart is an affectionate, happy-go-lucky girl who is always ready for a game of fetch.

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Bruno is a gentle, attentive and calm dog who smiles when you take him for a walk or play a game of fetch.

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Daisy is a house dog who loves everyone, is gentle and walks politely on a leash. Daisy was adopted and returned because she can make it over a 4 foot fence when left alone all day.
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Louie is a calm, playful and polite dog.

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Max is energetic and playful. He does anything to get a dog's attention so they can play or run along the fence. Is is also a people person.
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Chauncey Von Sniffles

Her Ladyship Chauncey Von Sniffles has flowing hair and big eyes to go along with her friendly personality.

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Mittens loves purring on your lap.

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Kid and Play

Kid and Play are brothers who play together until you pick them up and they purr nonstop.

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Clementine is a polite and calm cat who likes to be petted.

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Ariel came into the shelter with her sister Mulon (next picture). They are both shy at first but warm up to those around them. 
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Mulon and her sister Ariel (previous photo) are sweet cats. They can be adopted together or separately.

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Pipsqeak is an affectionate cat who chirps while she plays.

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Betty is a calm and friendly cat who likes to cuddle.


Animal Control is located at 125 Buddy Christian Way, Athens.

Hours: Thursday through Tuesday including Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The shelter is closed Wednesday but you can call for information or to make special arrangements. Rescues may pull on Wednesday and outside posted hours with prior approval from staff. 

Fees: Adoption $50. If not spayed or neutered, adopter must pay the clinic or veterinarian fee when the pet is picked up. No fee to rescue.

Procedure: Adoption applicant completes an application. Applicant will be assigned a date and time to adopt. Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. All applications are reviewed for approval.

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