Athens-Clarke mugshots

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Tramell Mario Yearby

Probation violation

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Virgil Vernon Yarbrough

Parole hold, probation violation, giving false name, criminal trespass

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Renard Wright

Probation violation

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Frederick Jermaine Woods

Probation violation, operating unregistered vehicle, improper driving, DUI, possession of firearm by convicted felon

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Gary Jermaine Wise

Influencing witness, simple assault

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Marion Tuvaris Willis

Probation violation, false imprisonment, cruelty to children, battery, aggravated assault

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Kevin Matthew Williams

Possession of tools for commission of crime, shoplifting

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Octavius Shante Whitehead

Probation violation

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Demetrius Jerome Whitted


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Ranbrica Nicole Watkins

Probation violation

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David Jameka Walker

Hold for other agency, driving with suspended or revoked license

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Latoya Anshanette Walton

Open container, driving with no headlights, DUI

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Matthew Edward Vining

Hold for other agency

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Ashley Michelle Walker

Hold for other agency

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Paula Renee Venable

Probation violation, aggravated assault

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Olivia Lashell Tubbs

Operating unregistered vehicle, no proof of insurance, driving with suspended or revoked license

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Christopher Robert Tibedo

Bench warrant, illegal soliciting of ride

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Carlos Teran

Reckless conduct

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Stavros Nikolaos Tsakos

DUI, improper driving, driving too fast for conditions

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Jonathan Robert Szell

Improper driving, underage alcohol violation, DUI

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Griselda Suarez-Gutierrez

Driving without a valid license, sign violations, probation violation

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Hailey Gayle Taylor


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Tristan Collins Stoffle

Disorderly conduct, underage alcohol violation, false indentification

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John Mark Stephenson

Probation violation

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Qualyn Starks

Probation violation

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Willie James Smith

Vehicle lights violation, driving without a valid license

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Marcus Donita Smith

Parole violation, aggravated assault

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Derrick Smith

Probation violation

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Joseph Zachery Smith

Possession of controlled substance, possession of drug-related objects, marijuana possession

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Charquis Jyreek Smith

Marijuana possession

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Lindsey Marie Sikkema

Possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of meth and marijuana

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Tykeria Janae Simes

Bench warrant

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Joshua Durran Shields

Probation violation

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Helen Teresa Segars

Failure to appear

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Turkessa Monique Sheats

No proof of insurance, driving with suspended or revoked license, marijuana and meth possession

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David Patrick Sallette

Probation violation

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Hayden Bruce Schoewe

Improper backing, DUI

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Sandy Jo Russell

Probation violation

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Mayati Davante Rucker

Probation violation

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Craig James Russell

Obstruction, pedestrian under the influence

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Erik Adan Rivas

Obstruction, disorderly conduct, public intoxication

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Lakwaan Denard Reevey

Criminal trespass

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Adam Michael Pursley

Probation violation

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Fredrico Duanne Purnell

Probation violation

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Kenneth Shane Pickett

Obstruction, hold for other agency, interference with government property, possession of meth

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George Pohl

Fugitive from justice

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Adrian Jamon Plummer

Returned for court

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Waldyr Pierre-Louis

Obstruction, public intoxication, disorderly conduct

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Yaqui Terron Pitts

Probation violation

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Megan Lynn Patton

No proof of insurance, operating an unregistered vehicle, driving with suspended or revoked license

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Timmy Shaymar Patmon

Marijuana and meth possession

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Jose Herra Person Jr.

Probation violation

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Rebecca Sarah Patterson

Probation violation

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Samuel Laine Parry

Underage alcohol violation

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Stephanie Norris

Contempt of court

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Christopher Eugene Nixon

Probation violation

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Enrique Nieves

Obstruction, disorderly conduct, public intoxication

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Jose Armando Navarro

Driving without a valid license, marijuana possession, possession of tools for crime, possession of meth, underage alcohol violation, possession of weapon in commission of a crime, burglary, hold for other agency

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Brandon Kyle Morris

DUI, improper driving, underage alcohol violation

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Elisha Aaron Moreau

Criminal trespass

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Roberto Rashad Moffitt


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Jason Daniel Moon

Hold for other agency, probation violation

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Joshua Jermaine Moore

Probation violation, bench warrant

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Joseph Mitchell

Criminal trespass, simple assault

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Shonta Michelle Mitchell

Hold for other agency, deposit account fraud

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Alexis Miralrio


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Richard Allen McGhee

Probation violation

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Travis Lloyd Martin

Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, simple battery

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Xavier Gaviea Martin

Failure to appear, probation violation

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Elmer Bryan Matthews

Disorderly conduct, public intoxication

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Kelvis Kente Lundy

Probation violation

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Jasmine Lonniece Lewis

Contempt of court

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Joseph Lee Leachman

Hold for other agency

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Maurice Jamario Lawrence


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Ashley Lane

Driving without a valid license, traffic sign violation, use of mobile phone while driving

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Courtney Lashawn Lawrence

Returned for court

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Rivington Hampton Kendrick

Criminal trespass

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Toney Warren Kitchens

Open container, criminal trespass

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Katelyn Knight

Underage alcohol violation, improper driving, DUI, false identification

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Kaitlan Dianna Jordan


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Roderick O'Brian Jones

Probation violation

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Brian Patrick Kelley

Public intoxication

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Donald O'Connor Jones

Driving with suspended or revoked license

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Danuel Santay Jones

Cruelty to children, aggravated assault

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Antonio Dewayne Johnson

Probation violation, cruelty to children, battery

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Caleb Kaesaun Johnson

Hold for other agency, giving false identification

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Victor Oneal Johnson


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Donald Jessmer

Headlights violation, possession of drug-related objects

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Valencia Shanae Jernigan

Seatbelt violation, driving with suspended or revoked license

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Quanta David Jackson

Returned for court

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Jamarcus Antwon Huff

Violation of family violence order

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Issac Marlando Huff

Probation violation

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Anthony Jerome Hill


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Lerrico Santwan Howard

Marijuana possession

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Anthony Lamar Hollies

Probation violation

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Andrew Scott Hawkins

Contempt of court

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Tylishia Tanae Harris

Speeding, DUI

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Matthew Michael Hatcher

Failure to appear, violation of family violence order, simple battery

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Omar Mohib Hamed

Aggravated assault

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Devin Wade Hambrick

Aggressive driving, reckless conduct

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Renata Leanne Hailey

Criminal trespass

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Orson Matthews Hager

Contempt of court

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Anthony Rico Grimes

Driving without a valid license, speeding

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Fabian Darius Goings

Cruelty to children, battery

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Sean Andrew Glover


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Jurun Maurice Glenn

Probation violation

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Solomon Gatlin

Probation violation

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Zachariah Henry Garrett

Probation violation

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Vaughn Tyler Flowers


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Deshawn Terrell Gardner

Bench warrant

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Carroll Anthony Funkhouser

Criminal trespass

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Kemond Juan Finch


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Roderick Fernandez Favors

Probation violation, possession of contraband by inmate, drugs not in original container, possession of controlled substances

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Nicholas William Fitzgerald

Criminal trespass, public intoxication

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James Quinton Faucett

Probation violation

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Seth Stephen Evans

Public intoxication

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Lindsey Farmer

Theft by deception

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Nathan Stanley Eubanks

Improper driving, driving with suspended or revoked license

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James Eugene Ellis

Probation violation

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Yancy Aaron Elkins

Failure to register as sex offender, probation violation, battery

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Latoria Cheri Edwards


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Charles Henry Elder


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Wynee Denise Dowdy

Marijuana possession, DUI endangering a child, DUI drugs and alcohol

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Loretta Dorsey

Probation violation

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John-Michael Diedrich

Public intoxication, underage alcohol violation, false use of identification

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David Michael Diaz

Failure to appear

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Joshua Antoine Daniel

Obstruction, battery

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Evan Reed Daves


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Paula Renee Cruze

Theft of services

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Chandlee Cunard

Financial transaction card fraud, forgery of such card,

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Winston Ridgway Cowart

Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute

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Daniel Eugene Crawford

Bench warrant

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Tyler Eddie Cowan


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Tevin Terrell Cooper


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Janatiaus Nate Cooper

Probation violation, illegal attempt to obtain dangerous drugs, theft

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Bridget Leigh Clark

Returned for court

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Evan Clay


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Freddie Collins Jr.

Probation violation, use of drug-related objects, theft

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Andrew Todd Caudill

Probation violation

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Patrick Lenord Carter

Probation violation, criminal trespass

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Jamario Devonta Calhoun

Probation violation

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Jordan Alexander Cabanlit

Contempt of court

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Derek Lanier Bush

Driving with suspended or revoked license

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Kentavious Devom Burgess

Failure to appear, driving with suspended or revoked license, possession of drug-related objects, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of firearm during commission of crime, theft by receiving stolen property

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William Richard Burger

Probation violation, giving false name

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Rodriguez Taiiwan Bugg

Probation violation

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Tory Mundez Browner

Theft by deception, probation violation, burglary

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Michael Jerome Bryant

Returned for court

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Lee Mickel Browner

Driving suspended or revoked license

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Chynitra Nicole Brown

Disruption of public school, disorderly conduct

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Christopher Lamar Brown-Griffin

Driving with suspended or revoked license, passing a school bus, center lane violation

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James Michael Brock

Probation violation

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Willie Glen Brightwell

Probation violation, shoplifting

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Mackenzie Bramblett

Hold for other agency

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Dawanna Brightwell

Hold for other agency

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Dustin Michael Bramlett

Returned for court

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Marquavious Devonte Bradford

Illegal attempt to attain dangerous drugs, theft by receiving

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Ronnie Bradford

Probation violation

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Milton Thomas Bostic Jr.

Criminal trespass

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Reuben Mercer Boling

Speeding, underage alcohol violation, DUI

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Jermaine Bolden

Hold for other agency, driving without a valid license, theft by taking

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Chandler Jacob Boggs

Disorderly conduct, public intoxication, cocaine possession,

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Bradley Alan Blalock

Tail light violation, driving without a valid license

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Toney Martavious Barnett

Obstruction, monitoring device violation, violation of bond

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Amanda Mae Ash

Contempt of court

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Anthony Maurice Barnes

Failure to appear

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Will Henry Barnes Jr.

Cruelty to children, battery,

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Tina Gail Anderson

Probation violation

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Basheer Mustafa Amari

Improper driving, DUI

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Joseph Jason Apple

Laying drags, no proof of insurance, DUI


The following people were arrested and booked into the Athens-Clarke County jail. Booking photos and accompanying information are public records and made available by the jail and represent arrests only, not a determination of guilt. All are presumed innocent until the charges have been proven in a court of law.

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