Norman Winter

Like shoppers, Yuletide camellias got a jump on the holidays

Thanks to retailers, the Christmas season started sooner than ever, and as if wanting to join in the festivities, Georgia's Yuletide camellias started blooming earlier than ever - giving a clear signal of the holiday season. Read more

'King Tut' papyrus adds great texture to your garden

If you want to add some unbeatable texture to your garden this year then you must try King Tut papyrus. It has been around for a-half-dozen years now and is still one that customers will fight over at the local garden center. Read more

Needle Palm brings tropical look to colder gardens

The tropical look is so popular, gardeners across the country are looking for palms, bananas and any other plant material that will encourage that steel drum atmosphere of the islands for the long summer ahead. Read more

Arborvitae fern a must-have for woodland garden

The past few years I have become absolutely mystified with the arborvitae fern. This slowly spreading plant reaches 12 to 18 inches tall and gives the appearance of being a lacy ground-hugging conifer. Read more

Bronze fennel a winner for both butterflies, cooking

Bronze fennel has always been one of my garden treasures but probably not for the reasons you might think. For me it has always fulfilled its promise as a great butterfly plant. Read more


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