Escaped Jackson prison inmate recaptured near Jefferson

Marcus Mahaffey

A Jackson County Correctional Institute inmate who plotted an escape with his girlfriend was captured Wednesday apparently after she decided to take him back to prison, authorities said.


“I guess she got cold feet and was bringing him back, and according to her, he pulled the emergency brake when she turned onto Prison Road. He jumped out and went through the woods,” Prison Warden Johnny Weaver said.

Officials brought in K-9 units that tracked the inmate down on Darnell Road, a short road off Georgia Highway 82 and only a few miles from the correctional institute.

Marcus Mahaffey, who only had about seven months to serve for convictions of bad checks and using a fraudulent identification, was sent to Phillips State Prison in Buford after his capture. He is charged with escape as was his 21-year-old girlfriend, whose name was not immediately available.

Mahaffey and the girlfriend plotted the escape over telephone the day before, Weaver said.

Mahaffey was working with other inmates at the mechanics shop, when she drove to the location shortly before 11 a.m., Weaver said.

“He just walked out of the gate, got in the vehicle and left,” Weaver said.

Another inmate saw the escape and reported it to the shop foreman, he said.

When authorities learned that Mahaffey had returned to Jefferson and fled the car on foot, Weaver said about 100 law enforcement officers converged on the area.

Help arrived from the Georgia State Patrol, Jefferson police, U.S. Marshal’s Office, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the county road department, Hall County officers and officers from other state prisons, according to Weaver.