Comer boy flown to Atlanta after serious glass-cutting accident

An Atlanta hospital released from care on Monday a Comer child, 8, who incurred serious cut after running through a sliding glass door.


Michael Pruitt, a rising 3rd grader at Comer Elementary School, shattered the glass when he ran through the door at his grandmother’s home, according to Comer Police Chief Kyle Roberts.

The glass door on a back room is typically open, but on this day it was closed, Roberts said.

“It could have been fatal. Just a freak accident. You don’t think that running through your house could kill you,” he said.

Roberts attributed the fast actions by the Madison County Emergency Medical Services for saving the boy.

“They did an outstanding job,” Roberts said. “No doubt they probably saved his life.”

The child had glass lodged in his abdomen and leg with one large piece dangerously close to an artery, the chief said.

Police and Madison County Fire Department personnel were also on scene and aided when a helicopter arrived and flew the child to Egleston Hospital in Atlanta.

In a Facebook post, Roberts also praised the boy for remaining calm during the emergency.

“I can honestly tell you I have never seen an 8-year-old handle a situation as this so well,” he said. “He took it in stride and like a champ.”