John Rogers

Mayor drops F-bomb in declaring big day for LA

Mayor Eric Garcetti used the F-bomb in declaring it a big day for LA, bringing 19,000 hockey fans to their feet, lighting up the Twitterverse in delight and, oh yeah, leaving some folks scratching their heads, wondering just what the heck the normally soft-spoken elected official was thinking. Read more

'Octomom' pleads not guilty to welfare fraud

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman has pleaded not guilty to a fourth count of welfare fraud.

HIV test prompts proposal for porn film moratorium

LOS ANGELES — The adult film industry announced a moratorium on the making of porn films Wednesday after an actor tested positive for HIV. Read more

LA's last Skid Row dive bar faces gentrification

LOS ANGELES — Unlike that place in Boston where everybody knows your name, the people who run the King Eddy Saloon like to say that once you walk through the front door of Skid Row's last great dive bar, "Nobody gives a ... about your name."


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