Opening Credits: “Get Out,” “Winchester”

Daniel Kaluuya in a scene from Jordan Peele’s “Get Out.” The film is being re-released to theatres to celebrate its four Oscar nominations. (Credit: Universal Pictures)

“Get Out”: In honor of its recent string of Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya), writer-director Jordan Peele’s “Stepford Wives”-inspired horror satire about an interracial couple (Kaluuya and Allison Williams) whose visit to a ritzy family estate unfolds into a mysterious and surreal nightmare has returned to theaters. 1 hr. 44; R.

“Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built”: Here’s hoping that something more than a paycheck in line with the success of “The Conjuring” movies attracted Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke to this big-budget shocker based on real-life events that occurred at California’s Winchester mansion, rumored to be haunted by the spirits of people who were killed by Winchester rifles. 1 hr. 39; PG-13.

— Compiled by Andrew Shearer/Staff