Cynthia M. Allen

Allen: Clinton is 'second-worst thing' for America

One of the more frequent complaints about many conservative writers these days is that we spend too many column inches attacking the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Read more

Sports media are as guilty as Baylor

It's difficult to know exactly what to make of the scandal that has rocked Baylor University - except the only thing sports media and pundits love more than watching a football powerhouse rise is watching one collapse. Read more

Allen: Romney could be credible thrid-party candidate

There's a meme floating around the Internet: If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a boat and it capsizes, who wins? America. Read more

Allen: Gender-based 'wage gap' is persistent myth

Some lawmakers, politicians and interest groups, particularly those that like to perpetuate self-serving narratives about systemic sexism, say April 12 was a special day: Equal Pay Day. Read more

Allen: Children need more time to play

What’s the best way to help your child gain the skills she needs to reason through and overcome the various challenges she will face growing... Read more

Allen: Ethan Couch is example of failed parenting

There was nothing surprising in the news that Ethan Couch sits in a Mexican detention facility while lawyers quarrel over his extradition. Read more

Immigration debate likely to unfold in Supreme Court

For critics of executive overreach, there hasn't been much to celebrate in the most recent slate of high-profile court cases. Read more

Allen: Gender imbalances affect hook-up culture on college campuses

Here's a question for your next cocktail party: Do women civilize men? To your average feminist, that's an arcane and sexist notion - maybe even a ploy to bridle women into unfulfilling monogamous relationships. Read more

Allen: US foreign policy inaction carrying a high price

There's no way of knowing for certain to what degree U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has led to the current refugee crisis in Europe. Read more

Allen: Better data needed on sexual assault

A study regularly touted by numerous media outlets (not to mention the White House) says 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted on her college campus before she graduates. Let me say that another way. Read more

Allen: Blanket defense of Islam ignores harsh realities

Six days after the World Trade Center towers crumbled onto the streets of Manhattan, President George W. Bush offered infrequently cited but significant remarks at the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C. Read more

Allen: Harvard faculty gets schooled on economics of health care

The irony illustrated on the pages of Monday's New York Times was almost too delicious. Read more

Allen: Drop in divorce rate doesn't necessarily mean marriage is in recovery

A recent New York Times piece confidently declared, "marriages in this country are stronger today than they have been in a long time." The assertion is based on the fact the divorce rate has dropped in recent decades, after peaking in the early 1980s. Read more

Allen: 'Rape culture' deserves thoughtful attention

There are so many disturbing elements to the recent Rolling Stone story about a fraternity gang rape at the University of Virginia and the... Read more

Allen: 'Affirmative consent' laws don't address basis of sexual assault concerns

There is no doubt that contemporary campus culture contributes mightily to the incidence of unwanted sexual activity between young men and women. Read more

Allen: Catholic synod on family only the beginning

The Vatican's "extraordinary synod of bishops" concluded Sunday with the beatification of Pope Paul VI, an interim step on the road to sainthood. Read more


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