Clarence Page

Page: America needs its new African American history museum

Days before the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture near the Washington Monument, a couple of bizarre political developments illustrated why we Americans need it. And I do mean all Americans. Read more

Page: Undecided voters in control of presidential election

Really? Are there undecided voters left?

Yes, as hard as it may be for most of us to believe, after putting up with the... Read more

Page: Clinton shows Nixonian tendencies on campaign trail

Hillary Clinton kept her pneumonia diagnosis under wraps for two days because she “didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal.” Right. Read more

Page: Donald Trump's big favor to Hillary Clinton

It is not enough to succeed, Gore Vidal once said; others must fail. Read more

Page: Address police shootings at ballot box

I have never been entirely comfortable with the name that the Black Lives Matter movement chose for itself. I get their point. The group's founders didn't mean to imply that other people's lives don't matter. Read more

Page: Honesty needed in racial debates

Page: In accepting racial award on black netwpork, actor says honest give-and-take is needed in matters involving blacks and white. Read more

Page: Internet searches show America is nation of '-isms'

What's the word? The "Word of the Year" at Oxford Dictionaries is not even a word. It is an emoji, a digital image that is used in text messages to express an idea or emotion in a style that seems in my eyes to be aimed at illiterates. Read more


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