Posted November 8, 2016 03:02 pm - Updated November 8, 2016 07:13 pm

BLOG: Hillary in a landslide

If the children's votes at Athens' Treehouse Kid & Craft are any indication, the analysts are  right who say the Republican Party is fading away into the past. Dozens of children had cast ballots by around noon Tuesday, and all but a handful picked Clinton. Some, like this nine-year-old voter, added a comment about their choice, just to make sure you knew where their sympathies lay. And at least one of the Trump votes was not politically movitated; one young fellow said, 'This one's a boy, so I'm going to vote for Trump," said Treehouse owner Kristen Bach

Other ballot questions were closer; cake seemed to be leading the favorite food question  in early returns, though tofu was making a strong showing. In the animal race, the unicorn seemed to be pulling ahead of tiger, kitten and sloth. Voting was also close in the  race for a new school transporation method, pitting the Weinermobile against a magic carpet, a broomstick and a horse and buggy. Kids could also get a cup of lemonade when they voted, for free or for a small charge. Daughter Maypop Wren, 6, ran the little lemonade stand with a friend, charging a nominal fee or giving it away. Maypop (a tofu voter) and friend hadn't decided on what wporthy cause for their profits.-  an organic farm or buying bagels next door at Ideal Bagel Co.