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Posted January 26, 2018 01:57 pm

The Perfect Valentine's Day Makeup Look in 1 Minute : Rosy Cheeks + Lips

Since love is in the air about this time of year, lets give some props to the thing we can always count on to make us feel truly loved and confident...MAKEUP!! 

Even if Cupid's Day isn't your thing and you'd actually rather be spending it with your friends OR you've got a hot date planned, you're gonna want a "look" to celebrate with! And the easiest most romantic look that won't take all day to get ready for, is the pairing of ROSY CHEEKS + LIPS!  All you need is a cream lip palette that can double duty as a lip color/stain AND a cheek color! Literally takes one minute to achieve and you're on your way to breaking hearts.

Click the link to see how easy it is to achieve the perfect Valentine's Day makeup look here >> ROSY CHEEKS + LIPS : THE PERFECT VALENTINE'S DAY MAKEUP LOOK IN 1 MINUTE