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As a professional makeup artist, beauty blogger, and mom to 3, my goal is to inspire women to find their CONFIDENCE through the ART OF MAKEUP. I encourage women to feel like the BEST VERSION OF THEIR NATURAL SELF by teaching them how to emphasize their features with beauty products, not cover them up! Be sure to check in weekly, as I share my findings in the ever changing world of beauty along with my tips + tricks on how to effectively use those products. You can find me at
Posted September 26, 2017 01:22 pm - Updated September 26, 2017 01:35 pm

5 Things This Makeup Artist Puts On Her Face Everyday

As a freelance makeup artist, I love to try out every new beauty product I can get my hands on. I consider it part of my job description, *wink wink.

By doing so, I am able to pass along my knowledge and experience with products to my blog readers and clients, so they can then make the decision of what might work best for them.  But even though I am always being introduced to the latest and greatest in the world of makeup, there are a few staple products that my face just can't live without.  

Continue reading to find out what my 5 must have products are that I continually re-buy and are the base for whatever look I want to create...5 Things This Makeup Artist Puts On Her Face Everyday.