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As a professional makeup artist, beauty blogger, and mom to 3, my goal is to inspire women to find their CONFIDENCE through the ART OF MAKEUP. I encourage women to feel like the BEST VERSION OF THEIR NATURAL SELF by teaching them how to emphasize their features with beauty products, not cover them up! Be sure to check in weekly, as I share my findings in the ever changing world of beauty along with my tips + tricks on how to effectively use those products. You can find me at
Posted July 14, 2017 12:24 pm

7 Hidden Secrets To Looking Younger With Makeup

If a pricey plastic surgeon visit isn't in the cards for taking a couple years off of your face, you still have options just by diving into your makeup bag!  Using the right products, application technqiues, and choosing the correct colors for your skintone, are the most inexpensive ways for turning back the clock.  

Pictured above is me with local Athens business owner Dara, of the clothing and home boutique, Epiphany.  I was the makeup artist for her photo shoot for the launch of her website and applied many of my secret makeup tips on her and the results speak for themselves. She looked radiant! 

Read on to get the inside scoop on easy ways to look your very best at any age..."7 Hidden Secrets To Looking Younger With Makeup."