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AOC physicians share tips for keeping your body in tip top shape
Posted April 17, 2017 11:20 am - Updated April 24, 2017 02:46 pm

Doctor Prescribed Exercise Tips

According to Dr. Mixon Robinson, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Physican at Athens Orthopedic Clinic, there are several simple ways you can work out smarter to avoid common fitness injuries.

FOCUS ON YOUR CORE– A strong core not only enhances balance and flexibility, it also improves posture and gives you a thinner appearance.  Working on your core doesn’t just strengthen your abs and lower back, it actually makes your entire body stronger.  More importantly, a strong core allows you to breathe better and plays an important role in preventing injuries and back pain. Exercises like “bridging” and “planking” are great for getting started.

USE PROPER FORM – Correct form is vital to avoiding injuries when working out. Research shows that people who use poor form significantly increase their chances of strains and fractures, especially those that are prone to osteoarthritis.  Using proper form impacts your exercise productivity.  Good form helps you reach your fitness goals more efficiently because you are receiving the intended benefit of the exercise. Finally, proper form improves strength and muscle tone and helps you attain a healthy weight. 

GO EASY ON THE JOINTS – Especially If you’ve had a past injury, carry extra body weight, or have other orthopedic issues.  Walking, yoga, and spin class are all good ways to get in shape without stressing your joints. Pool exercises are also excellent options, especially for people over 55.  Water exercises allow for less pressure on the joints because you are only using 40-60 % of your body weight.  In addition, you determine the amount of resistance in your workout by how much force you put into it.